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Katherine Dubois – Contributor

Katherine has been a key contributor to multiple health magazines for the past 10 years. Currently, she, along with her husband and two children, reside in Los Angeles, California, where her husband works in a specialized field of healthcare.

For more than five years, much of Katherine’s focus has been on physical health-related problems associated with children but recently, she added childhood and adolescent mental health illnesses to her list of qualified genres.

A bachelor’s degree in childhood education coupled with her own personal experience of raising an Autistic child, Katherine writes from the heart in an effort to better educate other parents but also healthcare professionals about risks today’s children face.

Geoff Davis – Contributor

In addition to being a self-made entrepreneur, Geoff has a strong writing background, working primarily on various health-related illnesses. His writing has been featured on some of the most-respected health and wellness websites and he is a staff writer for a top health magazine.

Geoff’s writing style is direct, making it easy for readers to connect to the subject matter. While much of his time is currently spent contributing to medical publications and websites, he is in the process of creating his own site that will allow him more freedom to express his in-depth knowledge.

Geoff maintains his home in Los Angeles but as a single parent travels back and forth to Dallas.

Sam Weiss – Contributor

Weiss’s personal experience in the medical field made it possible for him to write feature articles on multiple health, wellness, and fitness websites as well as in respected medical journals. Because of his knowledge but also simplistic writing style, he has a strong following.

After finishing his doctor’s residency, Sam realized he could pass valuable information on through the art of writing. Today, he continues to work in emergency medicine but also specializes in the field of geriatric illnesses.

In his spare time, which is seldom, Sam* enjoys deep-sea fishing, golf, and spending quality time with family and friends.

Janet Jensen – Contributor

Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Janet had her sights set on becoming a Registered Nurse but after starting college, she realized she wanted to take her career further. As a result, Janet pursued a Master’s Degree in women’s health and after graduation, went to work at a clinic as a Nurse Practitioner.

In addition to being dedicated to her patients, Janet is dedicated to her readers. Not only does she write informative health-related articles for top magazines, she is a key note speaker at various seminars around the country. Janet also co-hosts a weekly radio segment at a local station, giving women advice on various topics.

In her personal time, Janet is involved with dog rescue and gourmet cooking. Just as she pursues perfection in her work as a Nurse Practitioner, she hopes to one-day compete on a television cooking show.

Louis Diego – Contributor

Louis has been a writer and editor for several local newspapers in his home state of Pennsylvania but also publications in New York. With strong interest in health and wellness, Louis began researching information and news pertaining to terminal illnesses affecting people’s lives in the United States, as well as foreign countries.

Today, much of his writing pertains to cancer although he also writes about tuberculosis, AIDS, and ALS. For his writing contributions, Louis has received several coveted industry awards.

Louis and his wife have been married for 30 years and are proud parents to four amazing children.

Ben Summer – Contributor

Born and raised in Canada, Ben and his family moved to the Chicago, Illinois when he was 12. Shortly after the move, his father became ill and passed away. This peaked his interest and while he had no desire in becoming a doctor or nurse, he did see a huge opportunity in writing, something that would allow him to share valuable information and educate the public about various health topics as they relate to men.

To achieve his dream, Ben entered college for journalism and spent countless hours studying men’s medicine. Since then, Ben has since become a very serious writer, focusing mainly on health-related issues and men although he does branch out somewhat.

With so much of his time spent researching and writing, Ben has had little time to pursue a relationship although he says finding the perfect wife is in his near future.

John Ryan – Contributor

John is a graduate student from one of Florida’s top universities where he majored in creative and media writing. From a very young age, John recognized having a natural talent for writing and a deep interest in medicine. Because of this, he decided to combine his two passions, becoming a lead writer for several medical magazines and websites.

Because of John’s spin on health-related writing, his unique style makes his publications extremely popular. In addition to writing, John now offers pod casts that reach tens of thousands of people around the country.

Recently, John and his wife, Sheila, celebrated their third wedding anniversary but in December, the couple will celebrate something else – the birth of their first child.

Donna Nelson –  Contributor

As a native Texan, Donna attended college in her home state to study medicine. However, she quickly learned of a different passion – writing. Switching majors, she graduated with honors and today, focuses much of her writing on health-related issues posted on her website.

Donna lives with her husband, two children, and three dogs in a suburb of Houston where they value quality family time. However, she intends on going back to college in the spring to further her education but also expand her medical knowledge.

In her teenage years, Donna struggled with acne. Because of this, she is currently working on a book relating to common and uncommon skin conditions while still contributing to her website of faithful readers.