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Raw Chicken Recalled by Perdue, Processing Issue

raw-chickenApproximately 720 pounds of raw, fresh chicken is being recalled by Perdue Foods of Salisbury, Maryland, also associated with Perdue Farms. During an employee inspection whereby whole bird temperatures were being checked, variations were discovered.

In completing a more in-depth investigation, management found that a plant worker had accidentally turned the wrong water valve. As a result, potable water was used opposed to chill water in the system’s chiller.

Immediately, Perdue foods notified the United States Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS). This led to the destruction of all products in the company’s warehouse although nine cases of the raw, fresh chicken were inadvertently shipped.

Perdue created the first brand name chicken in 1968 when Frank Perdue decided to put his name on the product. As a highly professional and competent organization, any concern over food products is taken seriously.

The exact raw chicken in question comes in 80-pound cardboard boxes and contains about 28, 2.5 pound ice-packed, sealed packages of “Cookin’ Good Whole Young Chickens” with giblets and necks. This product has an establishment number of “P-764” and was produced on September 3, 2014.

The raw chicken was shipped to a distributor in New York where it went out for resale and food service to various states to include New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. Although no adverse reactions have been reported to date, both Perdue Foods and FSIS suggest that consumers to see a medical professional if any concerns of reaction arise.

Recall effectiveness checks are routinely performed by FSIS. The two primary reasons for these checks are to verify that customers are being notified of risks by the recalling firms and to ensure that all appropriate steps are taken to prevent the product from reaching consumers.

For the raw, fresh chicken being recalled by Perdue Foods, consumers can contact the company’s Consumer’s Affair division with questions or concerns by calling 800-473-7383 (800-4Perdue).

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