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Cardiovascular Disease Risk May Decrease by Eating Fruit

Cardiovascular diseaseMost everyone knows that fresh fruit is healthy but according to a recent study, it could also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by as much as 40%. Information was gathered over seven years from the China Kadoorie Biobank (CKB) study, which investigates causes of major chronic diseases to include heart disease, stroke, cancer, and so on.

Close to 500,000 people were studied and researchers found reduced incidences of cardiovascular disease in those who consumed a larger quantity of fresh fruit.

Worldwide, cardiovascular disease, to include Ischaemic Heart Disease or HD, along with stroke, is the leading cause of death. To reduce risk of developing this disease, it is imperative that people follow a healthier diet and lifestyle. What made this particular study so interesting according to researcher Huaidong Du is that most of the evidence came from western countries opposed to China.

The data collected was from people with no history of cardiovascular disease, but also people who were not taking any type of anti-hypertension medication. In addition, 10 different areas of China were involved, five of them being rural and five urban. Normal consumption of fruit was recorded at baseline associated with five categories to include “never”, “monthly”, “one to three days a week”, “four to six days a week”, and “daily”.

Compared to people who never ate fresh fruit, people who consumed fruit on a daily basis had a risk reduction between 25% and 40% (15% for IHD, 25% for Ischaemic stroke, and 40% for haemorrhagic stroke). Researchers confirmed a quantity response relationship between the frequency of fresh fruit consumption and risk of cardiovascular disease.

According to Du, the data clearly shows the consumption of fresh fruit on a more regular basis reduces risk of developing cardiovascular disease, which includes Ischaemic Heart Disease and stroke. Simply put, the more fruit a person eats the lower the risk goes.

Researchers go on to say that the results of the study show a distinct benefit of eating fresh fruit not only for a healthy general population but also people who currently have cardiovascular disease and hypertension (high blood pressure). The consumption of fruit is an easy and effective way to cut down risk for this disease and as such, it should be considered as potentially useful.

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