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Synthetic Marijuana: State of Emergency Declared in New Hampshire

syntheitc-marijaunaBecause marijuana is outlawed in most states, people have turned to various kinds of synthetic pot, referred to by different names to include K2, Spice, and Smacked, among others. In many states, synthetic marijuana is not illegal but the problem is that no one except the manufacturer really knows the exact ingredients used in the making. Unfortunately, this has sent many kids and adults alike to the emergency room, some in serious condition.

New Hampshire recently declared a state of emergency after 44 people overdosed on synthetic marijuana, a clear reminder of the true dangers. Smacked is bubble gum flavored and sold as potpourri in local convenient stores and gas stations. While manmade and legal, the product is designed to be used for fragrance only but people are smoking it because it produces much the same effect as real marijuana.

According to Governor Maggie Hassan, the number of overdoses linked to synthetic marijuana has skyrocketed but with 44 overdoses in a single week, action was taken by pulling the product off shelves. Although no one to date has died from Smacked, of the 44 individuals who overdosed, 20 were actually hospitalized. Even though the product is clearly labeled “Not for human consumption”, it is smoked as a way of getting high but having no knowledge of the short or long-term ill-effects, people are taking major health risks.

Products like Smacked are a genuine threat to the public’s health, especially teenagers and even young children drawn to the fun flavors and innovative packaging. Currently, officials are working to get all synthetic marijuana products pulled, starting with Smacked. However, two others that have tested positive for controlled substances include Green Giant and Crazy Monkey. The Governor along with medical professionals and law enforcement agencies want to remind the public that there is still potential health risk even for products that contain no traces of controlled substances.

According to the Governor, retailers have been given fair warning that if the synthetic marijuana products are not taken off shelves and someone were to become seriously ill or perhaps even die, they will be held responsible.

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