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Suicide Risk Linked to Lack of Proper Sleep


Massachusetts Violent Death Reporting System at the department of public health recently released data stating the number of deaths as a result of suicide have surged 4% every year since 2003. The numbers recorded in 2003 were at 424 but in 2010, deaths related to suicide spiked to 600, followed by dropping to 588. This equals 8.9 suicides for every 100,000 people.

Experts believe there are many factors that contribute to a person committing suicide to include sociological, biological, and psychological, all factors that can aggravate suicidal action. Apart from these, researchers recently discovered that a lack of sleep can also drive a person to commit suicide, even if the individual does not suffer from any other disorder such as depression.

Lack of sleep does in fact make a person behave in an unusual manner but as the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, it is also one of 10 most important warning sign for suicide. In addition, JAMA psychiatry released a statement on August 13th 2014, taking credit for the first research whereby a direct relation between lack of sleep and the tendency of a person to commit suicide was found.

Even researchers at Standford University School of Medicine were able to conclude that after completing their research, which consisted of an observation period of 10 years, people who have poor sleeping habits but no other depression related issues showed 1.2 times greater chance of committing suicide than people with healthy sleeping habits.

Researchers also observed that difficulty in falling asleep and non-restorative sleep are two major issues relating to an increase in the risk of suicide. Even if a person does not suffer from any other disorder related to depression, there is considerable risk of a suicidal behavior.

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