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Paleo Diet Helps You Stay Healthy and Energized

paleos-dietImagine a diet which not only helps you control your body weight but also helps in improving the overall immune system of your body, the Paleo diet doesn’t focus on starving an individual rather it focuses on foods that have the ability to convert into energy in a very effective manner, the diet focuses on eating habits based on the eating habits of Paleolithic ancestors.

One of the biggest misconception with people following various diets in today’s world is they stress their body too much and often end up giving harm to the body to control the fat content rather than improving the overall health along with fat reduction, it is estimated 25% of American population is suffering from metabolic syndrome, individuals are not able to convert food into energy in a manner they should to keep themselves healthy.

Heather Mangieri M.S., R.D.,  who is the spokesperson for  Academy of Nutrition and Diabetics feels “Paleo has  a lot of very good things going for it” the program suggests avoiding processed foods and food containing sugar and the focus of the Paleo diet is on  Fruits, nuts, vegetables, and grass fed meat.

She also mentioned diets containing fruits and vegetables help an individual fight heart diseases and to a certain extent cancer also. The Expert also stated Grass fed meat has a healthier fat ratio as compared to grain fed meat; an individual is also helped by the amino acids in speedier recovery.

The Paleo diet as mentioned earlier not only helps you reduce weight but also stay healthy and feel more energized, a testimony to the fact is, runner Timothy Olsen was able to set a new record Western states 100 mile endurance run, she stated “Her legs were less swollen after longer runs” and that she was able to go hard sooner now that she was able to before she starter with the Paleo diet.

To sum it up, the Paleo diet is a very comprehensive way to stay healthy and improve the energy level of one’s body.

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