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Obesity Remains No. 1 Concern for Children, Violence, Guns In Top 10

childhood-obesityObesity in children is the top health concern in 2014 for children, but when asked about concerns nationwide, adults quickly rate gun-related injuries and school violence in their top 10.

A new poll was taken by the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital at the University of Michigan ranking the top 10 local and nationwide concerns by parents regarding the health of children.

Overall, obesity in children was No. 1 on a local level and nationwide level for adults.

Twenty-nine percent of the adults polled said childhood obesity was a big problem in their local community, while 55% said the problem was big nationwide.

Obesity in children has been an annual concern in this poll along with drug abuse, smoking and bullying said Matthew Davis, M.D. the director of the National Poll at the hospital.

However, Davis added that this year the lists of top 10s differed in certain key ways. School violence as well as injuries due to guns has made the list of big health problems for children on a national level but not a community level.

Recent school shootings and other forms of violence at schools might have prompted a concern amongst adults from a nationwide perspective, said Davis.

The poll shows there is a strong link between a number of the child health worries in the top 10 to health behaviors of families and children.

Obesity rates have decreased in certain states of recent, but the problem of obesity amongst children remains today substantially higher than in past generations.

Therefore, added Davis, the poll reminds everyone that much of today’s public recognizes there is a necessity to keep hard at work on the obesity problem.

The doctor expressed hope that the poll’s results will help community leaders, health professionals and elected officials prioritize these threats to the health of children in each community.

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