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Now Hiring: Doctor to Study Chocolate in England

chocolate-660x400Just about everyone loves chocolate, now imagine being hired to study it. Without doubt, chocolate has an undeniably delicious and alluring taste. Although too much can lead to weight gain, which can cause a variety of health problems, there are a number of benefits as well, especially when it comes to dark chocolate.

From years of conducting studies, experts have learned there are a number of key benefits to eating dark chocolate in moderation. For example, it promotes a healthy heart, reduces stress, lowers risk of diabetes, provides natural sun protection, and increases blood flow to key parts of the brain that results in better performance and heightened alertness.

According to England’s Cambridge University, a new study is being developed. The university plans to choose a doctoral student who will study the fundamentals of chocolate, which includes the task of finding ways to prevent chocolate-based foods from melting in warm climates. The challenge is that even the finest chocolate throughout the globe begins to melt at 93 degrees Fahrenheit.

Although the top 10 chocolate making companies in the world had confectionary sales that exceeded $85 million in 2013 alone, finding an answer and developing a solution to this dilemma would serve to fatten already extraordinary profits.

While there could easily be thousands upon thousands of doctoral students interested in applying for the “sweetest job in the world”, certain criterion must be met. Applicants who apply for the position under the direction of experts in soft matter physics, geotechnical engineering, and chemical engineering must be a citizen of the European Union.

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