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Fourteen Babies Stricken with Rare Virus

sick babyWith the worry spreading worldwide of different viruses, health authorities in Kansas City are investigating the infections amongst 14 infants who have a virus that could cause meningitis as well as other forms of inflammation.

A spokesperson for the Kansas Department of Health and Environment said none of the 14 infants had died, but all of them have had to be hospitalized.

The infections have been caused by HPeV3, which is one of the group of viruses referred to as human parechoviruses. Two hospitals in the Kansas City metropolitan area have reported cases of the virus.

The first case amongst the infants in the area was discovered back in June.

The Kansas City health department spokesperson said it was not clear if all 14 infections were connected. Nine of the infants live in Kansas and the rest are residents of Missouri.

The health department, said their spokesperson, is currently working with officials from the Missouri State Department of health as well as the Center for Disease Control to attempt to make a determination if there exists other infections or just the 14 already found.

A newsletter was released by a local hospital during 2010. The letter said that the virus happens in infants and babies that are 90 days or less. The letter continued by saying the infections have symptoms that include irritability, rash and fever.

Scientists were able to isolate their first case back in 1999 of the virus. That year, the virus sickened a child who was 1 year old living in Japan who had symptoms that included diarrhea, fever and a form of transient paralysis.

Experts said that it also seems as if the virus is a disease that strikes during the summer with its peak months occurring between July and October.

Parents have been told to take their baby to their medical care provider if the baby has the same symptoms of diarrhea, rash, fever and irritability.

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