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FDA Seeking Injunction Against Cheese Manufacturer

cheeseThe United States Department of Justice upon the request of the United States Food and Drug Administration filed a permanent injunction complaint in a Michigan U.S. District Court against a Michigan manufacturer of cheese.

The complaint was filed against the S. Serra Cheese Company and owners Stefano and Fina Serra. The company is located in Clinton Township, Michigan.

The complaint says that laboratory testing conducted by the FDA in 2013 found the non-pathogenic form of E. coli in cheeses manufactured by S. Serra Cheese. In addition, the test showed Listeria innocua was present in the company facility.

The presence of the L. innocua indicates there are conditions that are unsanitary with an environment that could support L. monocytogenes growth. That organism poses a health hazard that can be life threatening because it is the agent for listeriosis.

The complaint by the DOJ alleges that the inspections made by the FDA since 2013 document a failure by the company of implementing effective controls for sanitation and monitoring in accordance with the requirement for the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practice for food.

In June of 2013, the FDA sent a letter of warning to the cheese manufacturer.

The DOJ complaint asks the court for, amongst other things, an order of permanent injunction that prohibits S.
Serra Cheese from preparing, receiving, processing, packing or distributing any food until S. Serra brings its operations into full compliance.

To date, no illnesses have been reported associated with the products made by S. Serra Cheese. Consumers are able to report problems with products that are FDA-regulated to their consumer complaint coordinator in the district office where they reside.

S. Serra Cheese manufactures as well as distributes a number of different cheeses that are pasteurized including provolone, ricotta, mozzarella and others in Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania and New York.

The FDA protects the public’s health through assuring the effectiveness, safety and securing of veterinary and human drugs, vaccines as well as other biological products for human usage.

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