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Excessive Body Weight Increases the Risk of 10 Types of Cancer


Obesity is one of the most common problems across the globe. To better understand the various risks associated with obesity, a number of studies have been undertaken to include one recent study involving five million adults from the United Kingdom. According to researchers of this study, obese people are at serious risk for developing not one, but 10 different types of common cancers.

Researchers discovered approximately 12,000 cases of these 10 common cancers being directly linked to excess weight or obesity. Considering the number of people living with obesity, it explains the 3,500 new cancer cases. The Body Mass Index (BMI) provides guidelines that can be used to determine if a person is or is not overweight versus obese. The BMI is calculated using a ratio of weight and height and based on the number, an individual will know how bad the weight problem is. For instance, the normal BMI range is between 25.0 and 25.9. Anything above that indicates obesity.

Obesity puts a person in grave danger of developing cancer and for every added  5kg/m² to the BMI there is an increased risk of developing uterine cancer by 62%, gallbladder cancer by 31%, cervical cancer by 10%, thyroid cancer by 9%, and leukemia also by 9%.

The bottom line – an obese person has a greater risk of developing cancer than someone who is not obese. Overall risk for developing liver cancer increases by 19%, colon cancer by 10%, ovarian cancer by 9%, and breast cancer by 5% for an obese woman versus one at a healthy weight. Remember, the goal is not only to have a normal height to weight ratio but also a BMI within the optimal range as a means of preventing one or more of the 10 common cancers.

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