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Device Developers Claim to Revolutionize Diabetes Treatment

Diabetes TreatmentA group of researchers from ETH Zurich who represent the Bio systems Science and Engineering department have come up with a micro device that can be inducted in one’s body to keep a track of Acid build up in a diabetic patient and also produce insulin if required. The development of this machine can revolutionize the treatment of Diabetes which is one of the most widespread metabolic diseases in the world.

The insulin production in a human body stays unaffected if the pH level of the body is in a neutral range, for humans the normal pH level is between 7.35 and 7.45. People with Type 1 diabetes are at a risk of higher acid levels.

Their bodies produce no insulin; as a result their cells are not able to absorb glucose from the blood and have to use another source of energy, the fat reserves in a person’s body. If the insulin levels of a body are not monitored the person’s body can cease to work because of Ketoacidosis (Metabolic shock a person goes through resulting from excess of beta-hydroxybutyrate)

The machine contains a sensor that constantly keeps measuring blood pH and a feedback from a person’s gene mechanism that is responsible for producing insulin. The integral part of the device is the sensor which measures the precise level of acidity and acts accordingly to minor variations from the ideal pH levels. If the pH value of a persons body falls below 7.35 the sensor sends a signal to the mechanism which starts the production of insulin. Once the blood  pH level is back to the normal range the production of insulin is stopped.

The researchers have already started testing and the device on mice suffering from type 1 diabetes and acidosis, the initial results have been very good as the implanted capsules produced insulin according to the level of acid in the body. The researchers feel such device can also be made for humans in the near future.

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