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California Teen Killed by Synthetic Marijuana

syntheitc-marijaunaWherever a brand of synthetic marijuana hits the market, a spike in visits to the emergency room follows.

Connor Eckhardt’s parents want there to be more awareness about the dangers of synthetic marijuana. Eckhardt is the California teenager who lost is life shortly after smoking a synthetic marijuana cigarette that put him into a coma.

His father, Devin said that under peer pressure, his son gave in thinking that smoking it was okay and a hit later, he went to sleep and never woke up.

Eckhardt who was 19, died in July after he inhaled the fumes of the herbs sprayed with synthetic chemicals that is intended to replicate real marijuana’s high. Due to laws being reactionary, makers of synthetic pot are always making new mixtures to spray on the herbs staying a step ahead of lawmakers.

Despite the comprehensive laws that forbid the sale of the synthetic drug, new versions constantly are arriving in the marketplace by exploiting the smallest of loopholes.

Wherever there are brands of synthetic pot to enter the market, surges in visits to the emergency have followed. Many studies have tied synthetic marijuana as well as other design drugs to stroke and brain damage as well as coma and sometimes death, as in the case of Eckhardt.

The effects from smoking the product, which is often legal, also include an altered mental state, seizures and an irregular heartbeat.

Doctors say the substance is not benign. You are able to buy these designer drugs at convenience stores as well as over the Internet and people are not aware of just how dangerous they really can be.

Since Eckhardt has died, his parents have fulfilled his wish to donate his organs. They have also created a page on Facebook that is meant to carry his memory on and tell others about the dangers of synthetic marijuana and how he came about his premature death.

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