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Caffeine May Reduce Tinnitus Risk

coffeeNearly everyone has heard about reducing his or her intake of caffeine. Now there is some good news for those who love coffee. The switch to decaf can wait for now.

A recently published study has linked a lower risk of contracting tinnitus and drinking coffee.

This study, for once, does not have a caveat of moderation. Unless drinking 5 cups per day of coffee is moderate.

The study tracked more than 65,000 women over a period of 18 years. Those who were coffee drinkers had a lower risk of developing ringing ears or tinnitus.

As to why, the researchers are not clear on how the caffeine helps. One researcher said they know that caffeine stimulates a person’s central nervous system, while research previously has shown that caffeine can directly affect the inner ear in both animal and bench science studies.

The researchers also added that further evidence was needed to make any form of recommendation about whether adding caffeine would help improved the symptoms of tinnitus.

Like with all things that are good, this also could have serious drawbacks. There are guidelines from the Mayo Clinic for people that have over five cups of coffee daily. It may can irritability, tremors, insomnia and nervousness.

The reducing of ringing in the ears might not be worth the side effects it might cause.

Close to 10% of Americans, suffer from tinnitus every year. For someone who has never suffered from it, think of ringing inside your ear with no known reason.

The negative issues of caffeine said one researcher often go unrecognized because drinking coffee and having too much caffeine is acceptable socially and widely consumed.

While many individuals are able to drink caffeine all day without any harm, for some, the negatives effects are produces, a physical dependence takes over and drinking coffee can be difficult to stop.

Even though this could be beneficial to those suffering tinnitus, a medical care provider should be consulted first due to the drawbacks of having too much caffeine.

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