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Weight Loss Surgery Can Be a Good Option for Obese Diabetics


For obese people who suffer from Type 2 Diabetes, gastric bypass surgery is a far more effective option than diet and lifestyle changes or intensive medical treatment or gastric banding says a recent controlled study. The study findings show that gastric bypass surgery can help obese diabetic patients to lose weight successfully and they can even get rid of the disease through this process.


In a bariatric surgery or gastric bypass surgery, a part of the patient’s stomach is turned into a pouch which is then attached to the small intestine; it bypasses the rest of the stomach and some portions of the small intestine. This ensures that the weight loss is long term and reduces risks of many obesity related problems.

In the study involving 69 people, the researchers randomly chose 24 patients to undergo gastric bypass surgery, 22 patients to have gastric banding procedure and the rest to have a diet and lifestyle intervention. The findings show that those who had gastric bypass showed a mean weight loss of 27% compared to those who had gastric banding and lifestyle intervention; the latter groups exhibited a mean weight loss of 17.3% and 10.2% respectively.

Also 50% of the patients who underwent gastric bypass surgery showed a total remission of diabetes after a year of the procedure, and 17% had partial remission. FOR the group with gastric banding, the percentages for complete and partial remission are 27% and 23% respectively.

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