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The Weed Candy Creates Makes Maureen Dowd Freak Out


Sometimes over-experiments can cost you little too much than you expect. Few days back, a time columnist named Maureen Dowd tried to research about the usage of recreational marijuana. While attempting to find more information, the girl created a lot of problems by drugging herself in paranoid stupor.


According to reports,” During her research, she bought THC-laced candies from a nearby bakery. At the time of purchasing those candies, her guide warned her not to take more dosage than she could handle. She ignored his warnings and took little extra than she could handle, which resulted into a very high-induced panic attack.

According to Dowd,” I could hardly move from my chair to bed where I got down and next time when I could feel something, it was eight hours later.” She further added,” I needed water, but I couldn’t move my hand, I heard voice of room service guy, but couldn’t answer to him, I was in pain but couldn’t help myself, All I could do was to feel but not react.”

Matt Brown, her guide said,” I had warned her along with all the other reporters. She took the samples, I don’t know which all, but she did some. I along with one other person had a chat with her for over 45 minutes, but still she did what she wanted to do and avoided what I warned her about.”

Though her guide warned her about the probable harmful effects of the weed candy, but still she ignored him and took the candied in more quantity than her body could handle. After the issue was brought into light, she got hospitalized and became normal soon after. Though her company back-lashed her for behaving in such irresponsible way.

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