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Warning to the Pilgrims by WHO about the Mideast Virus

The pilgrimage of Muslim community is soon going to travel to Saudi Arabia. However, World Health Organization has come ahead to warn them about a dangerous virus that is seeing to be spread among the people belonging to the same locality.

There has been an observation of 249 deaths in 701 areas around the world due to Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). This has included a majority of people from Saudi Arabia. This comment has been made after a deep study by the senior official of WHO.


According to Keiji Fukuda, who is the assistant director-general at WHO, stated that the death rates increased as people mingled with each other at the hospital and did not dwell in isolation to be treated and thus, once this was understood, doctors have been able to get survivors of this virus.

He also included that there are a lot of things that are required to be understand about the virus. Primarily, they have concluded that this results due to a physical interaction or contact with the camels, that are mostly observed in Saudi Arabia.

He stated that the time currently is running up and they need to focus on finding better preventive measures as the eve of Umrah is about to start and right in few months, the hajj would take place. This refers to two different pilgrimages of the Muslim communities.

On the other hand, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that no cases of MERS have been observed in the USA, even in the household of the patients or those who took care of the diseased ones. However, there has been two cases of imported MERS in US, one observed in Florida whereas the other one seen in Indiana. These two involved the care workers who worked in SA and thus picked up the infection.

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