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Warning Labels for Sugary Drink Fails in California due to Lack of Votes in Assembly

Sugary Drink

Sugary drinks have always been targeted by advocates of public health. California would have been the first state in the U.S to require a warning label on their sugary drinks if the bill had been passed. The label would have carried a warning about sugary drinks contributing to tooth decay, diabetes and obesity However, it failed due to lack to the right number of votes required to pass the bill.

Sugary Drink

State Senator Bill Monning says: “Changing behavior is the hardest challenge in the world of medicine”. Though he was able to garner support for his bill from the California Center for Public Health Advocacy and the California Medical Association, the bill could not be passed due to insufficient number of votes.

We are aware that many diseases can be prevented if sugary drinks are avoided. Leaders in Berkeley and San Francisco are trying to send measures that will impose a sugary drink tax in November. A health group in the east San Francisco Bay Area cleverly launched an ad campaign where they depicted the sugary drinks as snarling monsters baring sharp teeth. In 2012 Michael Bloomberg, the Former Mayor of New York City tried pushing a ban on large servings of sugary drinks. Many businesses began to campaign against this and the ban was struck down long before it could make an impact.

Labels alone are not going to change the habits of people according to Jimmy Gomez, Democratic Assemblyman. He strongly feels that people should have the urge to change their habits and that warning labels are not going to deter their determination to drink the same. He was referring to the warning labels on smoking and drinking and taxes and prohibitions imposed. People continued to find places to smoke even though they had to pay taxes.

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