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“Unnecessary Screenings Should Be Stopped” – Public Citizen

Although there are several tests that are required to be done regularly, there are other tests that are not needed to be done on regular basis. Such tests cause more harm to the body, rather than being good to it. Therefore, Public Citizen, which is a nonprofit consumer group, has demanded eight states to put an end to their relationship with Winter Park (Florida) based Health Fair Health Screening.

This testing clinic offers various ‘packages’ to the patients that makes them be attracted to various sorts of tests that they, then, undergo. This ‘attraction’ is, however, not in a positive way. They are influenced to undergo certain tests, which have not even been suggested pre-handedly, stating that it would be better if they get them done. Fearfully, the patients go through such tests that do them no good.

Even though the patients have some other issues in their bodies, they are suggested to go through tests that are nowhere related to their current physical position. Because of this, they end up spending a huge amount in the testing clinic, which is actually higher than the fees of the doctors whom they consult.

However, since it is the question of their or their loved ones’ lives, they are unable to utter a word against it and hence, willingly, get the tests done. This way, the testing clinic is able to earn a good amount, without having any diseases or illnesses detected for the patients.

According to Dr. Michael Carome, who is Public Citizen’s Health Research Group’s director, such practices of the testing clinics are unethical as the patients are indirectly feared to go through the tests so that their problems can be detected, however the results always come clean, making them spend and worry more than they actually should. Therefore, it is necessary to put a full stop to such clinics.

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