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Treatment of Autism Can Cost you as Much As $2.4 million: Reports


Autism, one of the most dangerous diseases of the world is as much expensive as painful. According to a new study, the money spent on any autistic person in his lifetime costs as much as $2.4 million on an average.


The main drivers taken into consideration by scientists to measure expenses limit in children included lost productivity of parents, special education, and expenses on medicines. While in case of adults main drivers responsible for expenses included residential expenses and their own lost productivity. According to one of the members of research team Tristram Smith,” We have given the nearest possible estimates of the expenses that take place during the lifecycle of an autistic person.” Please note that Smith himself is an autism specialist at University of Rochester Medical Center.

Researchers keep a note in JAMA Pediatrics that the past studies had taken into consideration only individual factor i.e. health care facilities and quality and experience of the doctor. But there are several new factors that have been included in new study i.e. social cost, productivity, and other hidden indirect costs. Researchers spent a decent time in studying about cost of autism spectrum disorders to finish the analysis part of the study.

After analyzing the figures, they came to know that total cost to support a person with autism spectrum disorders for his entire lifetime comes up to $2.4 million in USA and $2.2 million in UK. Please note that all the patients are considered without intellectual ability. In case one’s intellectual disability level is zero, then total cost comes up to $1.4 million.


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