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Staring At Computer Screens May Lead To Symptoms of Dry Eye Disease

Staring At Computer Screens

New study done by a team of researchers in Japan have found out that, people who spend a lot of time in front of a computer monitors show changes in eye secretions. The changes are similar to the symptoms of dry eye disease, but these people may not have the disease.

Staring At Computer Screens

Normal people have enough MUC5AC protein which is important for eye lubrication. The study found that individuals who spent long hours glued to their screens had reduced amounts of the protein. Some people had levels as low as the ones found in people with dry eye disease.

The difference between the two is one is caused by lack of the protein while the other is as a result of the actions of the sufferer. Dr. Yuichi Uchino, an ophthalmologist from Keio University School of Medicine said people who stare at computers for long blink less than people engaged in other activities. The lack of blinking is responsible for lack of eye lubrication.

Computer users also tend to open their eyes wider thereby exposing bigger portions of the eyes to air. This leads to the drying of the tear film.

Computer use can be a great way to make money but the study says the use may have negative financial gains. Other studies have shown that people with the dry eye problem are less productive than those with normal eyes while other studies have found people with the problem at higher risk of suffering depression. Over 5 million people above age 50 have the disease and millions who work with computers show symptoms of the disease.

While those who have the authentic dry disease have to depend on eye drop medications and over-the-counter drugs, computer users can make a few changes to reduce their risk such as making attempts to blink often, and using air humidifier to make the air in offices less dry.

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