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Standing Up during Group Meetings Can Lead To Better Results

Business meeting

If you are working at managerial level in an organization, then this news can be of your benefit. Corporate meetings have always been a critical event for team members. Organizations often assign a separate meeting room which is equipped with a table, projector, chairs and other things that might be of use. But a recent study done by few scientists can be a contradict to the belief that organizations have.

Business meeting
According to Andrew Knight, the author of the study,” The idea of conducting this study came when I was creating a new building for university and hunting for new furniture and layouts.” The study was conducted on 214 students who were told to split in groups of five people. They all were later asked to work on given assignment in their own group for 30 minutes. Each group of students was assigned a research assistant who noticed the meeting with the help of a video camera.

All the groups were assigned individual rooms, but some of them had chairs while some of them didn’t have. The other things that were kept their included a whiteboard, two easels, and a table. All the participating students were made to wear sensors before and during meetings. Researchers wanted to measure physiological arousal of the students with the help of electrical pulses happening under the skin. According to Knight,” The primary function of these arousals is to measure the importance of environmental stimuli which is essential for motivating collective action.”

When researchers had a look at the results of the studies, they found that groups that had chair-less meetings were more talkative and attentive.

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