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Speaking Second Language Would Prevent Later Life Cognitive Refuse!


You can speak 2 or more languages, which is a good thing so if you know any two languages then your mind will appreciate you later in your life. Latest study printed in the Annals of Neurology advice that people who speak two languages might slow down age related cognitive refuse even if a 2nd language is learnt in adulthood.


A research team is led by Doctor Thomas Bak from the institute of Cognitive Epidemiology and Cognitive Aging in UK at the University of Edinburgh, notes that latest researches have indicated an association between delayed start of cognitive refuse and bilingualism and dementia. According to Doctor Thomas, “our research is the 1st to test whether learning two languages influence cognitive performances later in the life of an individual while scheming for babyhood intelligence.”

This team of scientists’ reviews data from 1936, Lothian Birth Cohort that involved 836 residents English language speakers who were resided and born in the Scotland in United Kingdom. In 1947, when participants were 11 years old approximately, completed an examination measuring their stages of cognitive ability and intelligence. The examination was repeated amidst 2008 as well as 2010, while the participants attained their early seventies.

As a part of this examination, subjects were usually asked whether or not they can speak well at least 1 language apart from English. While comparing applicants’ cognitive capabilities at elder age with their expected later life cognitive capabilities while the research began, the experts realized that those people were bilingual surpasses expectations specifically in the areas of general and reading intelligence when compared with the ones who speak only English. The team says that this researches were prominent among applicants who learned second language at the age of 18 and above.

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