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Sovaldi Makes It Tough For Hepatits B Patients


One of the most controversial drugs Sovaldi, has been creating cause for worry due to its pricing. It is used to treat a serious illness called Hepatitis C and it is said to have a positive effect on and cure the liver-generating disease. These positive results were seen in nine out of ten patients, but the real problem comes in when the pricing comes into play. The treatment with this drug costs more than $90,000!


Most in the medical community recommend the drug being the first-line treatment and the people suffering from Hepatitis C are no strangers to it either. They have been clamouring for it. However, here is where the problem lies – insurance companies and state Medicaid programs are not too happy with the pricing.  In fact, some states like Oregon, the officials have set a limit to the number of patients can get Sovaldi.

However, what the insurance companies do not understand is that they will anyways have to dish out anywhere between mid to high 5-figure amounts even for the treatment of the most regular type of Hepatitis C. However patients are still bent on this new drug as the other alternatives seem to have side effects and moreover seem less likely to provide a cure.

This can be highly exasperating for insurers as when a middle age person comes to them for a cure with Sovaldi, this means that they will later not be looking at a liver-related complication. This means that the only person gaining from this is Medicare and not the insurers.

There are approximately 3 million Americans that are affected and carry the Hepatitis C virus. In fact, most of them do not even have a clue that they are carriers. The disease can be contracted through infected blood and sometimes even through sexual intercourse.

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