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Semen Test Could Detect Prostate Cancer


Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in man. It is very common and kills many every year. Detecting this cancer is generally hard because there is no test that can specifically point out the cancer. The most prevalent test is Prostate Specific Antigen test or PSA; however it is controversial and inaccurate. PSA can easily detect abnormalities but often it leads to over diagnosis and unnecessary biopsies. Besides, conditions like prostatic hyperplasia and prostatitis also show up in this test.


But things might be about to change, a new study led by Dr. Luke Selth found that they could use microRNAs from semen to diagnose prostate cancer accurately. They analyzed semen samples from 60 individuals, they found microRNAs associated with prostate cancer, they also found that some microRNAs could even help point out the severity of the cancer; miR-200b can help differentiate between men with low and high grade tumors.

“Biomarkers that can accurately detect prostate cancer at an early stage and identify aggressive tumors are urgently needed to improve patient care,” lead author Dr. Luke Selth said. He and his team plans to conduct the study again with a larger number of study subjects.

Earlier studies have shown that micro RNAs could show which men will suffer from recurrence after surgical removal of their tumor.

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