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Saturated fat is Beneficial for Heart, Say Reports

Saturated fat

There has been a debate going on effects of saturated fat on human body, specially on heart for a long time. Recently a study was done by scientists in which the effects of saturated fat were discussed by some of the best health experts of the world. Results of the study conclude that saturated fat is not only good for heart, but it can also be a part of your everyday healthy diet.

Saturated fat

The results of that study have been published in a book. A part of that book says,” Since ages, we have believed on a fact that the best diet to maintain good heath includes cutting down saturated fat from food. But is that completely true? What if products like cream, cheese etc. are good for health? What if using them can help you curing diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.”

The author of the book is a well known food critic named Nina Teicholz. She works as a specialist food critic with one of the leading publications. Nina believes in eating healthy and rich food in her day to day routine. According to reports, even though she eats rich food, but still she has kept herself fit and slim, also she has lost around 10 pounds weight in last few months.

Aseem Malhotra, a well-known cardiologist has studied effects of saturated fat items on heart for a long time. Recently in an interview he said,” Absence or lack of saturated fat items from food is not good for the body; it can even cause heart disease.” These recent studies have given human thought-process a new direction in regard with usage of saturated fat in everyday food.


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