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Proper Sleep Can Improve Your Memory: Reports

sleep child

Most of the kids face their parents’ anger in case of sleeping long, but now they can take a breath because of a report published by the scientists of Langone Medical Center of New York University. According to this report, if you take a good sleep after learning something, it will not only keep you fit & fresh, but also improve your memory.

sleep child

Recently a report was published in the US journal Science, which stated,” Few nerve cells related to the human memory become active during sleep.” Scientists claim that a light sleep after learning something helps in the growth of dendritic spines which are responsible for routing important information across synapses which enable you to take critical decisions.

The scientists who took charge of this study conducted a research on mice and they got positive results after initial tests. After going through all the results, they came to know that sleep boosted and consolidated new memories. It also caused some physical changes in the motor cortex part of the brain.

In an interview Wen-Biao Ganm, the lead researcher and professor of physiology and neuroscience said,” If you don’t take a good sleep, you won’t be able to learn well. It is a proven fact that sleep plays very important role in memorizing things. It not only keeps you fresh, but enables you to learn quickly.” Ganm is not alone; there are many other scientists who support this fact strongly.

Neuronal replay is an important process which is responsible for the sleeping brain to review various learned tasks during the day. The results of this study show that neuronal replay is very important for developing connections in the motor cortex.

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