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AstraZeneca’s Cancer Drug MEDI4736 Shows Positive Results


Scientists have been trying their best to find out any cancer medicine which can cure this unsolved mystery and bring smiles on the faces of millions of cancer patients. Recently one of the largest drug manufacturing company named AstraZeneca announced that its latest drug had passed all the initial trails successfully. The company further announced that its new drug MEDI4736 had been put under the clinical trial and researchers were trying their best bring out positive results out of the experiments.


Please note that this drug can be used in case of immunotherapy cancer, as per the reports published by the company. As the company has got initial success so, there are strong chances that future testing of drug will be done in near future. The information regarding the drug and its initial success was made public by the company in American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) cancer conference which was held in Chicago. Several doctors, scientists, researchers, and other government officials from all over the world were present in the conference.

MEDI4736 drug works in certain way by blocking the formation process of tumor through inhibiting several activities against the defense of immune system. Though several other presentations about possible treatments of cancer were discussed at ASCO, and several other drugs were presented, but the MEDI4736 drug got the best response out of all the presentations. The company also announced that the initial trials showed the positive patient response. According to the spokes-person of the company, many of the patients who were suffering from various types of cancers, experienced unexpected shrinkage in their tumor once they were injected with this drug.

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