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Newly Launched Heart Lung Drug of Actelion Meets Main Objective in Last Stage


According to recently published news, one of the largest Swiss biotech companies Actelion limited said that it’s newly launched heart and lung drug named Selexipag met its main objective in last stage study and gave it a chance to replenish its product pipeline.


Please note that Selexipag is the third drug launched by Actelion to cure pulmonary arterial hypertension which causes high blood pressure in the arteries of the lungs. So far scientists have not been able to find out the actual cause and cure of the disease. The initial positive growth is a big time morale booster for the largest European Biotech Company and reassurance for all the investors that company will do good in long run. Right now Opsumit is the only drug which has got approval of US and UK government in regard with the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension.

Both selexipag and opsumit are the successor of the well known product of Actelion named Tracleer. Actelion has been one of the favorites of the investors; hence the shares of the company have gained more than 20% so far. Recently just after the announcement of the launch of newest drug, the shares of the company boosted around 14.9% in early day trade. According to Richard Parkes, a Deutsche Bank analyst,” With the recent growth in shares of the company, results look like very close to what would be the best possible case.”

Jefferies analysts call this hike ‘impressive’ and say that the estimates of peak sales of $800 million will now be a conservative option for the company. On a question of detailed results of the study, Actelion said that the detailed report would be presented in upcoming congresses and peer review publications.

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