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New Drug For Psoriatic Arthritis Show Positive Results In Phase II Trial


Brodalumab investigational treatment for psoriatic arthritis has shown positive results in a Phase II trial. Amgen and AstraZeneca are the developers of this dug. Psoriatic arthritis affects 30% of patients who are already suffering from psoriasis. Psoriasis causes reddish or whitish scaly patches on the skin. In extreme cases joint damage and severe inflammation is also possible. Psoiatic arthritis can cause disability among patients and severely lower the quality of life.


The Phase II trial was, randomized, double blind and showed that brodalumab improved signs and symptoms associated with the disease. The skin condition in the patients increased and there was a marked reduction in swelling of fingers and toes.

The 168 patients involved in the trial were randomly assigned brodalumab 140 or 280 mg subcutaneously or placebo at day1 and weeks 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10. At 12th week, patients were given brodalumab 280 mg every two weeks. The drug exhibited superiority to placebo in both doses and achieved the primary endpoint of the trial.

Amgen executive vice president of Research and Development Sean Harper said, “These encouraging psoriatic arthritis data showing that patients not only experienced improvements in clinical symptoms at week 12, but that those improvements continued over time and were sustained, were the basis for our decision to continue development of this molecule as a potential treatment for the many people who are looking to better control their disease.”

Both Amgen and AstraZeneca have started Phase III trials and are hoping to glean more information on the affect of the drug on the signs and symptoms in psoriatic arthritis along with its capacity to prevent joint damage.

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