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Mutation of Gene Could Lead To Lowering Risk of Cardio Vascular Problems


Recent research has shown that over the years a cluster of genes that have mutated are possibly associated with lowering risks of cardiovascular disease. This is according to two new studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Both studies have researched this gene mutation and found that those who are in possession of one or more of these specific four mutations in the APOC3 gene were seen to have exclusively lower levels of triglyceride.


One such study headed by Dr. Sekar Katherisan from the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston discovered that these lower levels of triglyceride, were in turn responsible for almost 40% reduction in the risks of cardiovascular disease.

The second study conducted on this same found that the risks of heart disease were lowered by presence of a minimum of one of these gene mutations. This study was led by Anne Tybjærg-Hansen, MD, from Rigshospitalet-Copenhagen University Hospital.

Anne’s team conducted their research on approximately three thousand seven hundred people who shared their genes. It was discovered that there were extremely strong relationships between the four genes which are said to be mutated and the APOC3 gene.

On further analyzing the data from the study conducted by Anne’s team on the levels of triglyceride it revealed that one or even more of the genes which had mutated were responsible for the rise in triglyceride levels by about thirty-nine percent lower than those that did not show any signs of mutation.

However, when the research was conducted by Tybjærg-Hansen and their team it was found that one of the genes that should mutation affected the APOC3 gene. This in turn resulted in the lowering of the triglyceride levels by a surprising 44%.

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