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MERS Was Transferred From Camels to Humans: Reports

There are hundreds of MERS victims in all over the world. Starting from USA to France to UAE, it has infected to people of almost all the major countries. Even American President Barak Obama gave this issue personal attention and asked his scientists and healthcare professionals to find out a treatment for the deadly virus.


A team of scientists have got some evidence regarding the origination of MERS. According to a report made public by them, MERS spreads from no one else than camel to humans. Though scientists had found similar indications in past too, but due to lack of proper evidence, they couldn’t prove it. Now a new studied has confirmed the origination of MERS from camels.

Few days back, a new case of MERS was registered in UAE. The person who was affected owned camels. When researchers did initial investigation, they came to know that the man was transferred MERS by his camel. The owner of that camel died due to MERS infection, but soon after his health when researchers checked up his DNA, they found out that he and his camel, both were infected by same MERS virus.

According to a report, the camel owner got infected by MERS when he was applying medicine on runny nose of his animal. Different scientists have different opinions on the fact. According to one of the most experienced infectious disease expert Dr. William Schaffner,” Scientists came half way earlier too, but due to lack of evidence they couldn’t prove anything. But in this incident the picture looks pretty clear in front of everyone. It will surely help scientists in finding a cure for MERS in near future.”

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