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Huge Rise In The Youth Revelation To E-Cigs Advertisement On TV, Emphasizes Call For FDA To Control The Ads!


This statement is said by the president of Campaign for Tobacco free kids, Matthew L. Myers. The exposure of youth to television advertisements for E-cigarettes enhanced by 257 percent from 2011 till 2013, reveling 24 million United States children to these advertisements, according to a research printed in Journal Pediatrics.


The study forecast that “in case present trend in electronic cigarettes TV ads continue, awareness as well as use of these electronic cigarettes is likely to soar among young adults and youth. There is more than eighty percent of the young adults and youth exposure affected from ads for 1 brand of electronic cigarettes called blu eCigs, bought by the huge cigarette firm Lorillard early in 2012.

Ads spending on the blu enhanced from two million USD in 2011 to above four million USD in 2012, according to the study reported. Latest research finds huge rise in the youth revelation to E-cigarette advertisement on TV, emphasizes call for FDA to control E-Cigarette ads. Lorillard as well as other electronic cigarette manufacturers claim that ads were well-researched and cautiously directed only on adult smokers.

This research shows that electronic cigarettes are hitting much wide target including thousands and millions of children. In April, drug and food administration issued its long overdue proposed regulation to start rules and regulation on cigars, electronic cigarettes and other products made from tobacco goods not presently beneath its jurisdiction.

Unluckily, the proposed law does not deal with e-cigarette advertising.  The alarming amplify in youth experience to electronic cigarette ads underlines why the Obama Administration and FDA must move as quick as possible to settle the proposed law, and do so in twelve months.

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