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Laps in Hospital Infection Control System Worsened MERS outbreak in UAE: WHO Expert


MERS has already got more popularity than it deserved, and that too for wrong reasons. Hundreds of people have died due to this deathly disease in all over the world and many are infected. No certain treatment has been found out so far which can help the infected patients. And the situation has become worse due to loopholes in the infection control system of a UAE based hospital. Please note that UAE is the country where MERS originated.


Recently a news about MERS got viral. According to the news, due to some loophole in the infection control system of a UAE based hospital, MERS infected around 60 people and out of those 60 people, 10 have already died. Situation is getting worse day by day. There was a five day investigation done by specialists from World Health Organization. Though no such evidence of human to human transmission of this disease was found.

According to a statement given by the team of experts from WHO,” The recent incident of MERS killing in UAE seems to be the result of a series of activities, and the main reason of the incident is some loophole in the infection prevention and control measures in the hospital, increment in the cases acquired by communities and active surveillance.

The people who get infected from MERS become weaker, show signs of illness, and weak immune system. If not given proper attention, they transmit the disease to the other people around them. Soon one infected people creates an infected community and then situation becomes worse. Scientists from all over the world are trying their best to find a cure for this disease as soon as possible.

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