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Your Immune System Can Get New Life by Fasting

No doctor would advice you avoid fasting, the reason is known to all now. According to a news published by Nature World News, doing fasting can clear your immune system and regenerate damaged cells of immune system.

The best way of doing fasting is every 2-3 days. Those who does that, have the immune system in best possible condition. Fasting doesn’t only take care of their immune system, but get rid of damaged stem cell too. Such people feel fit, strong and healthy. Study also presents the effects of fasting on chemotherapy. It says that fasting not only takes care of your metabolism, but also provide you protection against the toxic effects of dangerous chemotherapy. The complete study was recently published in a journal named Cell Stem Cell.

Increased duration of fasting helps body in many aspects; it also helps stem cells developing from dormant state to a state of self-renewal. These adult or grown up cells help other cells to replace old and damaged ones with new ones. One such type of cells are Hematopoietic cells. These cells are a group of adult cells which increase the blood flow, and body’s ability to fight off various disease and toxins.

In simple words the advantages of fasting can be taught like- When you fast, body has to use all the stored items like glucose, ketones, fat and even damaged or worn immune cells. Hence your body becomes fitter, stronger and solid. Apart from it, fasting also activate hematopoietic stem cells which maintain good level of immune system and makes body solid and strong.

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