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The Growing Markets for E-Cigarettes around the World

No matter how much the government publicizes that cigarette smoking is injurious to health, the smokers can’t get rid of their habits. However, various methods have been brought into the market to help them cut down their daily intake of cigarettes so that their health is saved from being deteriorated in a fast pace. E-cigarette is one of the methods to help the smokers have a better life, even after being able to smoke.

There are currently 500 brands and the list adds 10 new brands every month, when it comes to the producers of e-cigarettes in the market. This is a proven fact given by the survey that was publishing this week in the journey of Tobacco Control.

E-cigarettes are available in various flavors. To be precise, there are 242 flavors introduced in the market every month to make a better life for the smoker. The market has a growth of 10.5 brands on an average per month, as seen in the last two years.

There are a few authors who agree that there has been a shift in the markets of e-cigarettes.

Earlier, the brands did not prove very much effective in acting as a substitute for the harmful tobacco nor claimed to help smokers get rid of their smoking habits. However, the newly introduced brands are seen concentrating on the flavors of these cigarettes so that the smokers can be provided with substitutes of tobacco.

Cigarettes generally associate with the term ‘Cancer’ and hence the recent brands focus on making it more alive, rather than making it something that kills the smoker. Depending on the 2012 data, it can be said that 20 million people in EU tried e-cigarettes to improve their lives. Most of these were trying to quit smoking.

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