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Fast 8 Days a Year to Rejuvenate Your Immune System


Most people are not fond of fasting. Some don’t like fasting because they love food and can’t stay away from it and others avoid fasting because they believe it is harmful for their health. But a new study has brought to light some very important facts about fasting that might force the skeptics to change their mind. According to the study, fasting is actually very good for you and if done systematically then it can completely rejuvenate your immune system.


And you don’t even have to fast a lot either, only 8 days a year. The study found that 48 to 120 hours of fasting at a stretch every six months, helps the body get rid of damaged and aged cells in the immune system. This is particularly helpful in people who have been given chemotherapy for cancer.

While fasting, the body tries to save energy, and one of the modes of accomplishing that is by recycling immune cells that unnecessary, especially aged or damaged ones.

The study conducted on mice in a lab setting the researchers found that fasting reduced the ill effects of chemotherapy in mice and bolstered the immune system of aging mice. After 2-4 days of fasting a lowering in the WBC numbers were noticed in the mice, but after re feeding soon new white blood cells were created by the stem cells to meet the deficit.

Valter Longo, a longevity expert from the University of Southern California said, “With a system heavily damaged by chemotherapy or aging, fasting cycles can generate a new immune system.”

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