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Family Finds a Secret Message From 12-year-old cancer Victim after Death

Inspiring: Athena Orchard and her message

Cancer, a disease that can haunt anyone in this world. There are hundreds of people who die each year because of this disease. The death of a cancer victim can bring tears even in the eyes of the strongest person of this world, and it is more painful when that victim is a 12 year old kid.

Inspiring: Athena Orchard and her message

Inspiring: Athena Orchard and her message

Athena Orchard was a witty girl. She used to play, made fun with her friends, intelligent in studies, and loving to all the family members. One day when she didn’t feel good, her parents took her to nearest hospital in Leicester Mercury. After the primary check-up doctors told her parents that she had osteosarcoma cancer. Though her parents tried to cure her cancer in all the possible ways, but all in vein. There was not much time left for her on this planet before this deathly disease of hers was brought into lights. Last week, the beautiful Athena passed away leaving her family empty.

After few days of her death, Dean Orchard, her father found a note in her room. It was left behind the stand-up mirror in the room by Athena herself. According to Dean,” Athena never mentioned, but off-course she loved writing.”

Her note was a 3000 words long letter in which she mainly focused on life and death. Everyone who read her note, couldn’t stop crying. No matter how unlucky her family was, no matter how lucky the girl herself was, but still osteosarcoma cancer was something way too much for the girl. Even after these many days, whoever live near her home can feel the sorrow and emptiness which has surrounded Athena’s home.

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