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Dr. Oz and the Weight Loss Scam


Losing weight is something all the people around the world dream of. Dr. Oz has been scolded for promoting a weight loss pill on his show by the senators of Congress, due to which he stated that he will surely find the medical claims before making any verdicts on his show.


Dr. Oz is a cardiothrocic surgeon who lives in the Cliffside Park. He used an extremely promoting and exaggerating language for the sake of getting the weight loss supplements marketed, although no brands were brought ahead in the limelight for the audience of his show. He stated that he would bring in a list of various products that would help America get rid of some pounds and be healthy. With the help of such supplements, the Americans would not require any dieting measures or hard work of exercises to get in shape. He generally praised a few heath supplements on his show, although he never took any specific names of any products or brands to promote them personally.

Dr. Oz did a show in 2012 wherein he stated that the green coffee bean extract acted as a magic weight loss cure for all kinds of body. With the help of this extract, people won’t have to spend hours in the gym or starve to eat their favorite foods.

After this comment, a Florida based company marketed a dietary supplement under the name of Pure Green Coffee that claimed to help people lose16% of fats in 22 weeks. The company used Dr. Oz Show’s footage, although he did not have any association with the company. He did not even charge any commission for the same. However, the Federal Trade Commission accused the company of making false promises to the customers about the supplement that actually did nothing at all.

Due to all this mess, Claire McCaskill, the chairwoman of Senate’s consumer protection panel, scolded Dr. Oz for making the weight loss claims on his TV show.

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