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Depressed Women Aged 55 and Younger are More Likely to Suffer from Cardiovascular Consequences

New research on the subject of heart attack indicates that middle-aged and young women suffering from depression are more prone to succumb to heart attacks as women over the age of 55l. Dr. Amit Shah, one of the researchers at Emory University in Atlanta was not able to pin-point the complicated association between depression and heart disease.

According to Dr. Shah, younger women respond to acute stress far differently than older women or men for that matter. This could have a direct bearing on hormonal or neurobiological differences. A study was conducted on nearly 3,200 men as well as women who were diagnosed or suspected of suffering from heart disease. The average age was around 63.

All of them had to have a coronary angiography done to assess the disease. The research lasted for three years when it was observed that women younger than 55 struggled with depression ranging from moderate to severe. The depression noticed in men and women older than 55 was only 9%. Researchers also noticed that there was a 7% higher risk of heart disease in women aged 55 or younger with every single point rise in symptoms of depression.

Psychiatrists should instruct young women suffering from depression to follow a healthy lifestyle and learn to be more aggressive in order to prevent such heart attacks. Women who are depressed tend to lead sedentary lifestyles and smoke and drink more than other women.

They may end up with problems like hypertension or obesity. This has a snowball effect in women suffering from depressions. One of the common causes of death in women with high stress levels are ischemic heart diseases. It is important to understand that heart disease can kill and one of the main causes in young women is depression.


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