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Debates Raised By the New Study Regarding Mammograms Saving Lives

Breast Cancer

As depicted by the latest studies, it is stated that 30% chances of breast cancer are reduced with the help of routine mammography screening.

In this new study of observation, the researchers kept a track of the Norwegian women who were in the age group of 50 to 79 between the years 1986 to 2009. The scientists created a model to have estimated death rates of women suffering from breast cancer. Women suffering from the same were called in for a mammogram as a government funded program. Around 76% of women who went through the mammogram had the same.

Breast Cancer

The researchers then made the comment that for every 368 women who went through mammography, one life could be saved from the cancer. Moreover, routine checkups and tests could bring down the breast cancer deaths by around 28%.

Lars Vatten, one of the study authors at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology stated that although mammograms were beneficial, the screening is extremely sensitive as it catches even those tumors that are not malignant. He also included that treatments for breast cancer have contributed in the decrease in the death rates of women in developed countries – due to which mammograms have turned less important these days as some of the cancers that are caught at later stages are also curable now.

With the help of regular mammograms, women are also able to get more information about the various harms of their problems. Moreover, they can put a full stop of non-required treatments, surgeries and also chemotherapies that, otherwise, were suffered by a lot of women who neither had cancer nor the symptoms of the same.

As a conclusion, there is a statement made by the researchers that women who did not have chances of breast cancer had only a few or minor benefits from mammographies.

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