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Cross 100, Be Safe From Cancer and Heart Diseases

Old Age

If the centenarian death reports from the US or England are to be believed, if you happen to cross the age of 100, you are more likely to die from “old age” and minor viral like pneumonia or frailty rather than something major, like say cancer, or heart ailments. Guess it is proof enough that you have a healthy heart since you cross 100 years of age as if the medical history and records are to be believed, an average guy suffering from heart ailments or cancer has a maximum life expectancy of less than 80.

Old Age

The more interesting part of this news is that the number of people to die above the age of 100 in England has grown by a staggering 56% and the number in the United States is also gradually increasing. This means that the number of people that will outlive the century is going to increase a lot which is creditable to the modern society and healthcare systems in place to make sure that the person is perfectly healthy and fine. But this also means that overtime there is a need to put in some more infrastructures for this long life sustainability programs for all the aged people.

Some interesting figures here; among the people to die over the age of 100, 87% of them were females. And among the total number, 61% died in nursing homes, 27% died in hospitals, and the other 12% at home or others. Even though compared to the entire population of the world, the number of people actually reaching the age of 100 and above is quite less, but still aided by modern medicine and growth in medical technology, the day might just not be that far when people are consistently outliving the century figure.

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