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The Blood Sugar Level Has Been Revised By ADA for Under 19 ‘Type 1 Diabetics’


The blood sugar level for the patients below 19 years of age has been revised by the experienced experts at the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and has stated that these patients should avoid having an A1C sugar level more than 7.5%.

This test called A1C determines the sugar or glucose levels in the patients. According to Dr. Robert Rapaport, who is the pediatric diabetes and endocrinology division’s doctor at the Kravis Children’s Hospital states that these new levels should be welcomed as they increase the chances of improving glucose control in patients who are young to understand about their illness.


The earlier suggested A1C levels in children were 8.5% and it fluctuated for the others who belonged to different age groups. ADA set the higher targets as the issues of complications resulted by low blood sugar was widely observed in the children.

However, the recent studies stated that high blood sugar levels leads to serious health diseases in the younger crowd, including serious kidney and heart diseases as well. Earlier, there was a view that only the adults needed to take care of their sugar levels. But now, the trend has changed and so has the target group.

People who suffer from type 1 diabetes can’t product sufficient insulin for the conversion of food into energy, which is needed for all the individuals to do different works in their daily lives. Moreover, the insulin needs to be taken in unnatural or medicated ways so that the individual suffering from the same issues can survive in his life and live like the other normal souls around him.

Dr. Jane Chiang, who is the senior vice president for community and medical affairs in ADA states that they are more concerned about high sugar levels in children, rather than being worried about the low levels as they have good tools to monitor the same.


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