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The Birth Control is On Stake in The Hobby Lobby Case

Hobby Lobby

One of the most talked about issues in front of Supreme Court is but religious freedom of people. But at the same time it will have to determine the women’s role in seeking a provision of the Affordable Care Act. According to it one can seek for guarantee of prescription without any extra cost in most of the health insurance plans.

Hobby Lobby

The judges who are hearing the appeals of Conestoga Wood Specialties Corp v Sebelius and Sebelius v Hobby Lobby Stores cases are expected to give their decisions on the issue related to continuation of contraceptive mandate rules by these two companies and all other companies that are in same line of business. It seems to be a complicated case, below are few details about it-

Contraceptive Mandate:

According to health law of United States of America, most of the insurance companies have to provide preventive care services without charging any out-of-pocket expenses from the beneficiaries. Recently the Obama commission included all the FDA-approved contraceptives as a part of ‘preventive services for women’ package. Fourteen years back in 2000, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission declared that if employer health insurance plans failed to cover contraceptives, then it would be a violation of the 1978 Pregnancy Discrimination Act. But according to the new policies, only a specified category of contraceptive options can be provided as a part of employer health insurance plans.

Who must comply with contraceptive Mandate:

Most of the health insurance plans are covered by the mandate but still federal regulation include quite a few exceptions. According to fed regulations, Churches and other strictly religious employers are exempted from the minimum requirements. At the same time, there are separate rules for non-profit organizations like universities and hospitals.

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