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2nd Update – West Africa Ebola Hits a Death Toll of 337 – WHO


There has been a highly contagious disease that has taken its toll due to which the death rate has hit 337 since the month of February. However, the death has been caused due to lack of proper local health services because of which people are unable to survive. These are the statements made by U.N. World Health Organization’s spokesperson.


Last week itself there have been 47 new cases, along with 14 deaths of people that have been reported in this region. The international experts were sent to help the widest spread disease to help the people in here survive. However, the death ratios have not been got under control.

According to the data of WHO, Guinea has been the worst affected one as there have been 264 deaths here due to Ebola. Apart from Guinea, there have been 49 deaths in Sierra Leone and 24 deaths is Liberia caused by the same disease.

Ebola was founded in the year 1976 after the outbreak caused in Democratic Republic of Congo. ‘Til date, no vaccine has been generated for the same, along with no known cures as well.

This virus has adverse effects on the health of the sufferers. It leads to high fever along with muscle pain, immense weakness and severe headaches. On the second stage, it grows furthermore with severe vomiting, hemorrhages along with diarrhea. The third and the final stage lead to death of the person, since there are no preventive measures or curing measures that have been found for the same.

The disease has spread widely as there are frequent movements by people who cross the borders in three countries. The first outbreak was observed in Gueckedoe, which is a remote region in the southeast. However, at the same time, the disease was also observed in Boffa, which is miles away to Conakry that is the capital city.

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