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‘Vampire Therapy’ May Reverse Aging Process

Vampire Therapy

In recent studies conducted it was found that the blood of younger mice may have rejuvenating effects on aging in fellow mice. This was discovered via a trio of tests conducted and blood from young healthy mice was infused into the bloodstreams of the older and aging mice.

Vampire Therapy

The blood circulations of the two were conjoined by combining them and researchers unraveled a huge and drastic improvement in the older mouse’s muscles and brains. Over a period of four weeks it was noticed that there was increase activity in stem cells in these two areas. The older mice who had been infused with younger mice blood were able to effectively produce neurons and muscle tissue.

Scientists later found that infusions of a certain type of protein which is found in large quantities in younger blood produced the same results as blood shared by younger and aging mice. It was discovered that old mice that were injected or infused with this type of protein or younger mice blood made it through mazes much faster and even performed longer on treadmills when compared to mice that were infused with saline water.

When they reversed the process and had the younger mice infused with older mice blood they noticed a considerable amount of deterioration. The process of renewal and creation of new cells were slowed down and even caused premature aging.

Two different studies published in the online journal Science, concentrated on blood transfusion between young and old mice and its effects on muscle alterations. While the other study conducted by a group of scientists from Stanford University and University of California, published in Nature Medicine, concentrated solely on its effects on the brain. “The Stanford group has been working in this area for a while, but we weren’t involved in their study,” said Science study author and biologist Amy Wagers of the Harvard institute. “All of the studies are very consistent — the data are complementary and support one another.”


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