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Resveratrol, found in red wine and chocolate not so good after all

Red Wine

Resveratrol, a naturally occurring polyphenol compound produced by the skin of red grapes and peanuts, and found in red wine, chocolate and berries. According to an earlier studies, the researchers belived that resveratrol, have cancer-preventing properties and is beneficial in preventing toxins in the body from attacking healthy cells and extending the lifespan.

Red Wine
But according to the latest study, published in JAMA Internal Medicine, chocolates and red wine, may after all not be all that good for your health.

783 people, 65 and older, living in the Chianti wine-making region of Italy, submitted urine samples for analysis, to measured levels of resveratrol metabolites. Over one-third of the participants died during the nine year study. 27 percent of those healthy at the start of the study developed cardiovascular disease, and 4.6 percent developed cancer.

But whether a study participant consumed high levels of resveratrol or none at all, there were no links between resveratrol levels and the risk of death. There were also no correlations between resveratrol and inflammation, heart disease or cancer.

“Although annual sales of resveratrol supplements have reached $30 million in the U.S. alone, there is limited and conflicting human clinical data demonstrating any metabolic benefits of resveratrol,” the author of the study, Richard D. Semba, MD, MPH, of Johns Hopkins University, warned.
Also, “there are no data concerning its safety in high doses or for long-term supplementation in older people, who often have multiple comorbidities for which they are taking multiple medications,” he added.

The researchers conclude that any benefits of drinking wine or eating dark chocolate, if they are there, must come from other shared ingredients.

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