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New Malaria Vaccine That Contains Parasite within RBC to Be Launched Soon!

Malaria Vaccine

Malaria is a life threat disease in tropical counties especially in Africa where it takes one life every minute. Scientists are devising, a new vaccine for malaria wherein the malarial parasites will remain inside the red blood cells which they primarily infest and not spread the disease throughout the body.

Malaria Vaccine

This experimental vaccine has worked well on mouse model for subsequent five trials and will now be tested on laboratory monkeys in the next four to six weeks, as reported by the researchers.

The director of Rhode Island Hospital’s Center for International Health Research, Dr. Jonathan Kurtis, who is one of the leading researchers in this project, has commented that the Phase 1 of human clinical trials can be expected within a year and a half, depending on how the trials on monkeys operate.

Scientists have been successful in pinpointing a protein PfSEA-1, that the malarial parasites utilize to escape from the red blood cells inside the body. Scientists have understood how to generate antibodies within the human body, to trigger this against this protein so that the parasites are trapped inside RBCs.

For this study scientists have utilized blood samples and epidemiological data from hundreds of children in Tanzania who have suffered from malaria. After years of struggle scientists, are close to developing an effective vaccine against mosquito borne disease, that according to the World Health Organization’s data kills around 627,000 people in the sub Saharan continent in a year.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the NIH’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has expressed his concerns about the need of such vaccine and commented, “It’s profoundly important to develop an effective malaria vaccine.” This latest study which has been published in the journal Science is a noble and different type of approach towards making a vaccine.

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