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Measles Virus-The New Cure to Cancer!


The researchers at the Mayo Clinic announced that a massive dose of the measles vaccine which was enough to inoculate ten million people, wiped out an incurable blood cancer of a Minnesota woman named Stacy Erholtz.


She, aged 49 now, battled multiple myeloma, a deadly blood cancer. The doctors at the Mayo Clinic informed she had received every type of chemotherapy drug available and had also undergone two stem cell transplants.

The researchers, seeing no better option, gave her and five other multiple myeloma patients a dose of a highly concentrated, medically-engineered measles virus similar to the measles vaccine.

Dr. Stephen Russell, the lead author of the afore-mentioned study, noted that a virus can be trained to specifically damage a cancerous cell and to leave other body tissues unharmed.

The study is based on a concept called virotherapy and, as a matter of fact, it has been implemented before.

According to Dr. Angela, a researcher at the Mayo Clinic, the measles virus makes cancer cells join together and explode and there is ample evidence now to support this theory. She also went on to state that the virus, somehow, stimulates the patient’s immune system, thereby, helping it recognize any cancer cells and eventually mop it up.

However, the intriguing question before the researchers is whether virotherapy will help other patients or whether it can be successfully applied to other types of cancer.

According to Mayo Clinic researchers, the good news is that samples of highly concentrated measles virus are, now, being created now in a larger clinical trial. They’ve devised a method to produce large amounts of the virus.

There is a huge scope of research in this field and it will take a pretty long time to make this sort of treatment, a routine approach for cancer. For that, the researchers need both the time and money to complete well-designed studies.

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