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High Cholesterol Levels may be the cause of Delayed Pregnancies


According to a yearlong study by researchers at the epidemiology branch of the US Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, couples having problems conceiving should check their cholesterol levels.


As per Enrique Schisterman the lead author of the report, higher levels of cholesterol especially in women lower conception rates. This was the first of a kind study done on the influence of cholesterol levels on the ability of heterosexual couples to conceive.

Researchers did the study on 501 heterosexual couples who had been trying to realize their baby dreams between 2005 and 2009. All the test couples were not receiving fertility treatments. At the end of the study, couples who had higher levels of free cholesterol in their blood stream found it harder or were unable to conceive within the study year. The study suggested that the total amount of free cholesterol in each of the partners is linked to the amount of time they will require for conception. In addition, researchers on the study deduced that couples where the man had average cholesterol levels but the woman had high cholesterol levels conception took longer compared to a couple where the man had high cholesterol levels and the woman had average cholesterol levels.

Schisterman added that since this study was a first of its kind, there is a lot yet to be looked into, like the effect of cholesterol lowering drugs on the time required for conception. In the course of the study out of the 501 couples, 347 couples conceived, 54 did not conceive and 100 couples withdrew from the study before completion. This new study goes further to enforce the need of couples looking to realize their baby dreams to live healthy and stay physically active.

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